In 1978, John’s future seemed very dark and dim for this young 20-year-old. Hanging with “the wrong friends” and poor choices had taken its toll on him. He found himself having regular encounters with law enforcement, a life filled with drugs, drinking, partying and no goals for the future. However, what was most disturbing to him was recognizing his addiction to alcohol and his apparent inability to stop.

Each morning he would wake up with a hangover and vowed to himself this would end, but before long, the drinking would begin again. Though outwardly he appeared to be happy and outgoing, inwardly things bothered him to the point that in his darkest moment of despair, John considered suicide while handling one of his guns.

Soon afterwards, he was contacted by his parents who invited him to come to church with them. In desperation for a change, John decided to give church one more shot…and he prayed a prayer that his Heavenly Father had been waiting for all along.

“God, if you’re there, show me.”

The minute he uttered that prayer, a supernatural peace descended upon him; an indicator that something was about to change.

Soon after his heart-felt prayer, John encountered a carpenter/pastor at a job site whose life gave him a glimmer of hope. He told of how, at the moment of salvation, he had been healed of heroine addiction along with his two-year-old daughter who had been born a “crack baby.” This is what he had been looking for all along! He shortly prayed with his new friend and his life made a radical change for the better!

Since that time, John has continued to discover new joys in his ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Father who has always loved him. Faithfully directed and guided by the Holy Spirit, this man has now been married since 1980, parented four grown children, experienced the joy of six beautiful grandchildren, and continues to find an abundance of ways to splash this love and eternal happiness around the people he serves and works with daily.

Known as an entertaining story-teller and encourager to the body of Christ, John’s natural gift to connect and relate to people of all types gives him the opportunity to speak life and bring healing to hurting hearts and bodies while attracting people from every stage of life. Many have spoken of his contagious joy and enthusiasm that continue to inspire and affect the world around him.

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