A Way of Escape

Imagine with me a place where generations of fear and control have robbed its citizens of the ability to choose what they do for a living and even whom they marry.  With threats of imprisonment and even possible death hanging over them all, residents are warned they must comply “for the good of all” and the maintenance of their fragile existence on this isolated island. 

One young woman tussles with her upcoming presentation as a wife to the man chosen for her by village elders.  In despair, she runs into a group of people not controlled by island leadership who exhibit a very “uncommon” life that captures her attention.  As she learns more about real freedom, her upcoming selection weighs heavy upon her causing Shoshanna to make decisions that create a number of serious consequences for those she loves and cares about.

Enforcers are sent out to capture all “dissenters” and maintain the elders controlled order over the villages and its people scattered throughout the island.  Even as the chase is on, another force seems to be at work frustrating their efforts only adding to their determined pursuit.

“Flying with the Eagles” has greatly impacted me as I literally saw it lay out before me.  Sometimes I even cried as I watched difficult decisions, touching moments, and heart changes take place in the lives of these characters.  I wrote what I saw and now I am sharing it with you.  It is my prayer that you will be as moved as I have been.

Mary Trask

The illustrator for “Flying with the Eagles, a Way of Escape” is Sam Wall, a gifted artist indeed.  We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for all her hard work as she strove to capture our storyline in pictures. 



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