Peace is a very hot topic right now, especially as we find more and more people attempting to find internal peace either by medication or some form of escapism.  True peace, however, can only be found in Jesus, our eternal Peacemaker.  The first steps in becoming acquainted with the kingdom of peace Jesus offers us is by training our minds to line up with and become fully convinced of the truth Jesus offers us and not relying solely upon that which our natural senses tell us.

“Weapons of Peace” takes the reader down a trail of peace where all the weapons given to us by our Savior are examined and applied to our everyday lives.  As one who was cruelly tormented by fear throughout my childhood, I have finally found a place of real internal peace and now have learned to release that peace into the lives of others. 

As you follow the book through my various areas of victories and failures, you will soon learn how to absolutely depend on the guidance of peace through the work of the Holy Spirit in your life as well.  Packed with testimonies and short devotional prayers at the end of each chapter, this book will become a ready reference and daily encouragement to you as well, as some have reported. 

“Weapons of Peace” will help equip the reader in “shalom” peace encompassing every facet of life and grant skill to battle any lies of defeat in our lives.  The tools are available, if we will only pick them up!

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