“Flying with the Eagles: A Way of Escape,” the first fictional work in a series by Mary Trask, is a soaring adventure that will leave your heart and soul aflutter with hope and excitement! Set in a world where life’s most intimate and defining choices are determined by a council of elders averse to change, we find our heroes pushing back against the status quo, rebelling against their ascribed societal roles, while guided by the clear and true voice of Elemet.

This fun and refreshing adventure ringstrue to life in so many ways.  Like most people, I have struggled with receiving the messages that God has sent in my life, my own thoughts, and dealt with peer pressures clouding my ability to perceive His messages.

Though fictional, this book is an inspiration to see the truth in your own experiences and to hear clearly the messages that the Lord is speaking into your life.  And, like the great works of many Christian authors before her, Mary has written something that is not only inspiring,but also truly fun to read. I cannot wait to see where the next books take us! 

Elizabeth Mitchell

Director, Aiducate Now

Santa Cruz, CA


Reader beware!  Once you start this book, it’s hard to put down.  It has a refreshing element of surprise and a little danger.  It stretched my faith just by reading it.  It makes me look closer at what is happening in the world.  Although fiction, it has great parallels.  I look forward to the next book!

Deb Aldridge

Business owner

Port Orchard, WA


This book is powerful and exciting; an anointed story that reveals truth to help one recognize and get free from control or deception.  With that freedom, an individual will be able to run on the divine path God has laid out for their lives.  It is timeless in its message of “The TRUTH will MAKE you FREE” as you learn how to run with the Light and crush the darkness.

Editing Team of Kat Kerr

Revelator, Author of Revealing Heaven, Volumes 1 & 2

Jacksonville, FL

Mary Trask's book, “Flying with the Eagles” is a reflection of her personal journey in life and her desire for adventure and wonder while discovering new things in the heart and character of God.  This fictional story carries you into a world that suffers under a cloak of darkness and yet promises through trials and a mysterious unseen hand, a hope for a different future.  It's one of those “can't put it down” adventures that leads you to the inevitable conclusion...when is the next book available?

Reverend Jim Nightingale

Ocean Shores, Australia

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