The 12 Gemstones of Revelation Book

12 Gemstones of Revelation

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12 Gemstones of Revelation Book Description

By Mary Trask

While exploring and studying the beauty of various stones, I became convinced that these stones somehow portrayed a message of love from our Creator and I was determined to discover what these stones had to say.  When I came across John the Apostle’s list of 12 gemstones listed in order in Revelation 21 described in the Bible, I knew I had something I could work from!  Little did I know that this work of love would take me four years to polish and craft into a book revealing 12 areas of grace the Father desires to adorn us, His beautiful bride with. 

The message of this book is unique and even timeless in a way as it offers words of life and encouragement to those finding themselves growing in a particular area of maturity while here on earth.  As a side note, this book does address the manifestation of heavenly gemstones many have reported, and offers my humble opinion as to why our God may choose, at times, to demonstrate His love for us in such tangible ways as in gemstones.

My question for you is, “Why not?”  Who are we to try and determine “proper” and “acceptable” ways for our Father in heaven to demonstrate His unending love for us?  Those who have been privileged to visit heaven have reported seeing gemstones everywhere in our future home among a great many other sights which “eye has not seen and ear has not heard…the things which God has prepared for those who love Him!” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

I don’t believe this manifestation, or any other supernatural manifestations are the height of His wonderful Presence here on earth.   No.  This is only the beginning, as the Bible tells us “all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.” (Numbers 14:21) There is more, oh so much more to come as we, the children of God become more familiar with our true identity and the great and astounding love of our Eternal Father.

The world as we know it is changing, and if we will look with expectancy, we will see the demonstrations of heaven becoming more and more common here on earth!  I believe it is worth your while to check out the only published book on this topic (according to my publishers) and see what you can glean from the message of the stones found in The 12 Gemstones of Revelation.