Flying With the Eagles II

Learning The Way

Learning the Way Book Description 

by author Mary Trask

Four escaping dissenters must make the difficult journey up the smoking mountains to finally reach the mysterious Eagles' Nest. While not fully understanding what lies ahead of them, Shoshanna, Galen, Roany, and Uri discover more about themselves as they push forward towards their destination. Multiple challenges along the way compel them to deal with every area in their lives in order to overcome the struggles they face. Meanwhile, in the lowlands, the successful escape of the dissenters results in villagers viewing them as heroes. Threatened by these rumors, village elders, informants, and the enforcers increase their efforts by pressuring all those affiliated with the dissenters to assist in their recapture. Family and friends must now make choices for themselves. With several generations of indoctrination and fear-based control, only the boldest of individuals find the courage to confront any decisions made by the village elders. Surrounded by difficult circumstances, islanders on Kumani are forced to decide if they are willing to let go of all they have been taught and all they own in order to embrace the way of the eagle. 


Flying with the eagles 2 book cover
Flying with the eagles 2 book cover