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Flying With the Eagles III: Soaring Ever Higher - Book

Soaring Ever Higher

Soaring Ever Higher Book Description

by author Mary Trask 

A dark and devious plan is revealed to the village elders of Kumani as a new figure steps up to take control of the island. Elders scramble to maintain their fragile hold of power over the lowlanders while the residents of the Eagles' Nest formulate their own plans.

Ms. Bina's informational "tea parties" spread throughout the villages, while Galen, Shoshanna, Roany, and Uri begin their training at the Eagles' Nest. Together with the others there they must step up to face their own fears. Lives are at risk and the hope of freedom is dependent upon their success.

As families flee their villages in search of an escape, rescuers from both the Eagles' Nest and some residents of the lowlands are called upon for assistance. The dangerous plans of this new leader must be stopped and the victims of this conspiracy rescued.

Will their efforts be enough to halt the planned annihilation of villages and any "unnecessary" residents of Kumani?

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The third book in the Flying with the Eagles series is titled "Soaring Ever Higher". Released on 11/21/2019 get your copy today!