Flying with the eagles 1 book cover

Flying With the Eagles I

A Way Of Escape

A Way of Escape Book Description

In a simple world isolated on an island, both fear and control have gone unchecked for generations. Village elders have plotted and convinced residents that the only way they can ensure their preservation on this volcanic island is to entirely submit to their directives on every major decision in their lives. Those questioning the elders either die suddenly or disappear from among the people. Like the smoldering haze that covers the island, fear has enslaved the minds of the residents preventing them from seeing anything clearly. A young woman, desperate for happiness, stumbles across a group of people living very uncommon lives and are apparently unaffected by the haze. As she joins these dissenters, her life changes dramatically and threatens the plans of the elders as she learns to follow the wisdom she has been given. Arrests, dramatic prison breaks, and a number of uncommon events surround the lives of those following the ways of the eagle. The incessant pursuit of the enforcers determined to see their capture brings this conflict to a head on the island of Kumani. 

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